Sundews & Venus Flytraps

Sundews catch bugs with sticky dots on tiny tendrils; they’re nature’s flypaper.  Venus flytraps snap shut on larger bugs!

Drosera filiformis var. tracyii   1ft tall green leaves, coastal US native zone 8, clumping

southern threadleaf sundew

Drosera filiformis “florida all-red”  8in tall US native, prolific seed producer

Drosera binata “small red”  5 inch tall bifurcated leaves, prolific seed producer, tropical

Drosera x “marston dragon” hybrid sundew, very pleasing compact growth habit, multiple-fork leaves tropical

Drosera multifida “extrema” tendency to make more tips on leaves than other multifida clones, very large!, tropical

Drosera multifida “pink flower”  2ft long flower stalk with pink-margin petals, tropical

Drosera capensis “alba”  albino, white flower green foliage, tropical

Drosera capensis “typical”  pink flower, some pink in foliage, tropical

Drosera capensis “big pink”  significantly faster growing, much larger 8″ long leaves, tropical, very large flowers


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Dionaea muscipula “b-52”  red mouths, regularly makes 1-2 inch traps

Dionaea muscipula “king henry”  mostly green, very large growing

Dionaea muscipula “typical”  choice clone!  long-lasting smaller red-mouth traps