winter care

Whether you grow your North American carnivorous plants in pots or in your yard, winter care is easy.  When they’re in your bog garden, most North American pitcher plants will survive brief periods near zero degrees Fahrenheit .  Venus flytraps and sundews need pine needle mulch to over-winter.  If you’re growing them in a dish garden protect them if it gets below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winter care for a BOG GARDEN:   If the weather forecast is calling for sub zero temperatures (in the negatives), then put six inches of pine needles on your bog garden.  A layer of pine needles is a good idea anyway; it holds in the moisture during the summer!

Dish garden winter care is easy too:   If the forecast calls for temperatures below 20 degrees then move your pot to a protected location.  A sunny spot out of the wind is ideal if you are in zone 7 or warmer.  A garage or cool sunny windowsill works too.  If you bring it in the house just make sure your pitcher plants aren’t growing leaves in the winter; they need to rest for a few months!

If you have specific questions, check out the MINI-ARTICLES about winter care.

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