Plant Care

Carnivorous plants are bog plants.  Plant them in a very large glazed ceramic or plastic container.  Use only peat moss and place them in the full sun.  Keep them well watered.  You can let the pot sit in water in a dish or in a water feature.  Give them part shade in the middle of the summer.  They are cold hardy to zero Fahrenheit when planted in the ground and twenty Fahrenheit when planted in a pot.  They make leaves April-October.

Alternately, carnivorous plants can be planted in your landscape.  A bog garden is the easiest way to grow native pitcher plants, sundews and venus flytraps.  Its very low maintenance and the plants have plenty of room to grow without being re-potted.  If the weatherman says its going to get near zero then toss some pine needles on your bog!  Click HERE for great tips on how to make your own bog garden.

When it gets cold check out the page on WINTER CARE.  If you’re growing flytraps in pots click HERE.

Happy growing!    Josh