F. A. Q.

Q.  How do I order?

A.  Click on “Purchase” on the left.  After you have reviewed the availability list, send me an email at joshlynchplants@gmail.com.  I’m on my computer Mon-Fri during normal business hours.  I’ll send you a paypal money request.  MORE INFO.

Q. Your plants are so kick-ass it blows my mind.  

A.  I know!

 Q.  How do I take care of north american pitcher plants? 

A.  Grow them in a large plastic or glazed ceramic pot.  Use only peat moss and place them in the full sun.  MORE INFO.

 Q.  If I ask for a plant by its cultivar name will it look like the photo on your website?

A.  Yes!  MORE INFO.

 happy gardening, Josh