F. A. Q.

Welcome to CPC nursery near Asheville, North Carolina!  It is owned and operated by Josh Lynch.  We primarily sell to stores and gardeners in Western North Carolina.  If you aren’t in the area then please read the FAQ; we ship!

Q.  How do I mail-order plants?

A.  Click on “Purchase” on the left.  After you have reviewed the availability list, send me an email at joshlynchplants@gmail.com.  I’m on my computer Mon-Fri during normal business hours.  I’ll send you a paypal money request.  MORE INFO.

 Q.  How do I take care of north american pitcher plants? 

A.  Grow them in a large plastic or glazed ceramic pot.  Use only peat moss and place them in the full sun.  MORE INFO.

Q.  Josh, what’s your phone number? 

A. Please read and understand how to order.  Then read and understand how to grow carnivorous plants.  Leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I get a chance. (828) 490-1675

Q.  If I ask for a plant by its cultivar name will it look like the photo on your website?

A.  Yes!  MORE INFO.